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Ways to Meet Other Single Parents

Being a single parent can get very lonely. You dedicate yourself to your job, and your family and your social life becomes pretty much non-existant. You begin to look forward to that weekly trip to the grocery store. You become distant with some of your old friends because you are tired of being treated like you have some bad diesese... You would love to have some type adult converstation with someone who can speak the language of single parenting and does not have milk on their face. And now you are asking yourself how can I meet someone who understands?

Well I have compiled several ways for Michigan Single Parents to meet and they are lsted here. Everything from belonging to a international organization which has chapters here is Michigan to Michigan personal ads to a Michigan Single Parents club to a email pen pal list. Some where some how you can find someone to "chat" with.

And Away We Go!!

M.O.M.S- Dont let the name fool you! M.O.M.S is a international organization which provides emotional and fianicial support, networking and fun functions with other single parents( moms and dads). Its Free to Join!!

Michigan Single Parents Club at Yahoo!. Here is a great place online to meet other MI single parents. With a message board, and chat room you will find alot of great people here.

Love for Michigan Single Parents- This was started by me. I don't expect you to paid for any of it services but you can place a normal ad in for free.

COMING SOON!! Email Pen Pal List- This is a great way to "talk" to someone with the same interests as you. As more people visit this site it should grow to be pretty big.

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