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Michigan Single Parents Email Pal List

Emailing with another single parents is a great way to meet other who have the same interest as you, Its a great oportunitity to meet those who you may have never had the chance meet.

First, Rules of Conduct

1) NO Spaming, threating or harrasing of anyone on the list, This is against the law and can result in proscution.

2)Be Truthful on your "ad" and only place what you know is acceptable.

3) Email back anyone who emails you. (this is being nice)

4) This list is for single parents in Michigan only. If you do not live in michigan but you would to either start or belong to a email pal list please let me know.

5) If you should meet someone from this list please becareful when meeting them for the first time, This I can not stress enough.

6) Any "ad" that is not acceptible will be removed from the list.

7) If you have any questions or problems feel free to email me.

To Join

To join the Michigan Single Parents Email Pal List is easy.

First you need to have a email address. If you don't have one or want to get a new one then I recommend,,or

Second, fill out the join page with your email address, your interests and hobbies, and little bit about yourself.

Third, find someone on the list that you have something in common with and email them with a brief letter saying hi and what you found interesting about that person. To get a quicker reponce back place in the subject line "I saw you on Michigan Single Parents". And thats it. Nothing to it.

Sounds Good to Me, Lets Do It!!

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